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This book is what happens when madness, obsession, passion and improbability meet.

Madness, because the moment I arrived in Lebanon, I fell so instantly in love with it that I never left. Obsession because Lebanon has become so much a part of my life, that I can’t imagine my life without it. Passion because this land of immense cultural and historical wealth is an endless source of fascination. Especially for the inquisitive and the curious. Improbable because this book began as (and continues to be) a series of Instagram posts that were never intended for publication. But they have been and so here we are. The result is my take on this beautiful country. It is a mixture of fun, facts and photos, the unlikely and the less usual. Part guide, part photo-book, part confessional, these micro-stories and the photos they accompany are the fruit of a year of rambling, mostly in the mountains, but occasionally along the coast, too.